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From Cape Town to Nordkapp with my Vespa GTS 250
Autore: Sib Andela Creato il: 03/06/2008 11.51
My long travel across the world with my new Yellow Vespa. It has been a childhood dream of mine. The aim is to get there in 100 days and reach Nordkapp (most northern point) for my 40th wedding anniversary on the 22nd June2008, in memory of my wife.

From Mega to Khartoum in Sudan
Da Sib Andela su 31/07/2008 11.22
32th on my journey. In the morning, we had spectators come out of the moonscape to see us pack and get off to an early start.
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From Dar Es Salaam To Mega In Ethiopia
Da Sib Andela su 14/07/2008 16.38
From Torbi To Mega (Stage 3)
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From Dar Es Salaam to Mega in Ethiopia
Da Sib Andela su 10/07/2008 16.15
From Buffalo Springs to Torbi (Stage 2)
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From Dar Es Salaam to Mega in Ethiopia
Da Sib Andela su 30/06/2008 17.47
From Dar Es Salaam to Buffalo Springs Game Reserve (Stage 1)
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From Livingstone in Zambia to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania.
Da Sib Andela su 26/06/2008 16.22

At 7h30 I left Livingstone Safari Lodge, whose owner is from Friesland. The first 75km out of Livingstone to Zimba was the worst road, full of potholes, I have ever been on. Took two hours to do that stretch.  Thereafter the road was excellent (as good as the best in France for 120km) and varied: Bushveld, grassland, valleys and hills.
From Mazabuka, the surface had some potholes which meant I had to be alert all the time.
the road  from Kafue to Lusaka was rough but pretty through the hills.
Today’s ride was the most enjoyable to date, without doubt.
I arrived at Christian Brothers at about 5:15pm. Great  food and plenty of it.
The day after, I set off in direction of Chipata. It is too far to go in one day if you leave after 7am and because I didn’t want to ride in the dark, I stopped over at Kaingo Basic School. Many children came to stare at this apparition with helmet and yellow bike.

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A day in Livingstone
Da Sib Andela su 10/06/2008 16.23
A day of relative rest for me.
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From Noordoewer to Livingstone in Zambia.
Da Sib Andela su 06/06/2008 17.30

We are at the 3rd day of my journey. I stayed overnight in Noordoewer. I camped at Felix Mite river camp, in which I joined a group who were going to do some canoeing on the River. The day after, I rode in direction of Rosh Oienaar then I turned right to Ai Ais,  going along excellent smooth dirt roads 10m wide. Unfortunately, when I arrived to Ai Ais, it is being broken down to make place for a new complex. Beautiful surroundings. Lush Green. On way to Fish River Canyon I had my first fall in sand. Then a second and five times I stuck in sand and had to dig myself out. On one of the falls my rugzak fell onto exhaust and burnt holes in rugzak, sleeping bag and carry bag. Also, destroyed my scissors, memory stick with all my email addresses, and the plastic on my knife melted away. And so I didn’t see Fish River Canyon, just too tired. I camped near by. I slept very badly. Tension I guess.
Early in the morning I took the road to Grunau. When I arrived there, I changed the ...

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From Cape Agulhas (the southern-most tip) to Noordoewer in Namibia.
Da Sib Andela su 05/06/2008 17.38
I set off on the 15th March 2008 on my own...
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